Saturday, March 24, 2012


Last night Honeybuns gave the commencement address for the graduates of Spartan College of Aeronautics located here in Tulsa.  I learned SO much!

I learned that this college has been in business since 1928 and boasts of over 90,000 graduates entering the aviation field. I learned that it takes an awful lot of hard work and even more cold hard cash to get to this point in a persons life.  As names were called and diplomas were received I learned that many already held positions in their field of interest.  Aviation companies have already snapped them up!

I learned that WOMEN enter this field and some as far away as Jamaica! She was a STAR pupil and simply delightful as she shared her story and motto, "where there is a will, there is a way," Her lilting accent endeared her to the audience. Hopefully we'll be able to follow her path now that the tassel has been flipped to the left side!

I learned that the professors out there are dedicated to seeing their students succeed and they're are deeply loved and respected.

The distinguished folks spoke, the audience laughed at the appropriate times, clapped and cheered at others.  It was a fun, proud night.  Pictures were taken with moms, dads, spouses and children.  One guy walked across the stage holding his precious little 4-yr-old daughters hand.  What kind of struggles had he faced as he studied, attended classes and flight training while parenting that cute doll baby?

I learned that I couldn't stop grinning as Honeybuns was introduced.  His very lengthy aviation career surely made those young minds wonder if they would EVER have such wonderful opportunities.  I was so proud of him when he gave his speech.  He did SO good. I snapped pictures and sent them to Andy and Philip, wishing they could see this moment live!

He urged them to be leaders in their families, communities and workplace, that only 10% would make it!  It would be up to them if they wanted to be included in that number.  He challenged them to become "surgeons" and not "butchers" as they worked, to be precise, to do their job absolutely correct 100% of the time.  Lives would depend upon their integrity and work ethic.  AND that THEY would be the ones to fly people into space.  It was GREAT!

I learned that I am a very proud wife, married to one of the 10% ers!  He does it GOOD, whatever he does!

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