Monday, March 28, 2011


This past Saturday we went to lunch in Tulsa.  No big deal.  When we're out and about around lunchtime on Sat. it's the normal thing to do. This week was different.

As Honeybuns paid the cashier at our favorite buffet, that woman took one look and in a loud voice asked, "Anyone over 60?"
I turned around to see what elderly couple must have been standing behind us.  Getting ready to offer a polite hello to the aged,  I quickly realized there was NO ONE standing behind me.  She was asking ME if I was over 60!! She was offering ME the senior citizen discount!

Honeybuns saw the look of anger, confusion, horror, and disbelief on my face and began laughing out loud!!  Yes, that young twit had the audacity to suggest that one of us, ME, MIGHT be 60 or above. 

I wondered why she would think such a thing!  The view I have of myself certainly wouldn't prompt such a question.  In my mind's eye, I have the taunt olive skin and healthy shiny hair of a 35 year old cutie.  In my imagination I'm still a size 8!  (Yes, I try to stay away from mirrors!) I felt a little pity for the gal, she obviously needed to visit Pearl Vision Center.

After a resounding NO, I recovered from the whole degrading situation and sat down to enjoy lunch.

The waitress  immediately came by to introduce herself and remarked that my outfit reminded her of her MOTHER!  She smiled and declared that her mother often wore polka dots, but that her poor mom had been GONE now several years.  I was speechless.
How does one recover from that?

Honeybuns was having way too much fun with all this senseless chatter!  I'd been insulted twice  and he was having the time of his life.

Since HE'S the one that refuses to dye his gray hair, I often refer to myself  as his trophy wife!  He always gets a good laugh out of that one, too!

Well, for now, that will be the last time we go to that restuarant UNTIL we are truly seniors.  Oh!.....that would be JULY!!

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