Monday, March 21, 2011


You can't ALWAYS find what you want on the Internet OR at the local shops.   Last week I went hunting for a birdhouse, three actually.  It was time to update the "neighborhood" at our back fence.

After driving for miles, checking every conceivable bird-lovers haunt in Tulsa and the surrounding area I turned to the Internet.  There are plenty to choose from there!  But who in their right mind pays $50 - $750  (plus shipping) for such a dwelling?  No one in this household!

Saturday I showed Honeybuns my ideas for new construction for our feathered friends and he promptly announced he could MAKE THEM!  Yippee!  We were off to Lowe's, our favorite weekend  hang-out!

After two  sunny afternoons of measuring, sawing, painting and fitting the pieces together we have finished the project!  What fun! 

It was a happening!  Neighbors heard the saw buzz and stopped by to see what was going on.  A couple of teen-gers selling something to get themselves on a trip this summer came by and took a look.  They were very impressed!   Joggers and walkers of all shapes and sizes were also curious.  Who knew that a silly little project could create such a stir?

And I'm please to announce that unit #2 and  unit #3 are already occupied!  The bright colors didn't frighten the birds at all.  Are birds color-blind?  One visitor asked if we were trying to attract the  Latino variety?  Or maybe those from South Miami?  Bermuda  builders favor those colors too, I'm told!  I've seen people-houses painted like these in Charleston, S.C. so maybe we'll soon have visitors flying in from that lovely place.

We pride ourselves in being a very interracial, interdenominational, inter-cultural, and inter-chromosomal neighborhood.  Diversity is the spice of life! 

And it's ALWAYS  rewarding to create something (even if it's a bird-house) from an idea!  It's a brief but healthy escape from earthquakes, tsunamis', budgets and wars! 

Perhaps when Honeybuns gets tired of keeping airplanes in the air, he'll turn his talent to CONSTRUCTION and make some birdhouses that will not require applications to Fanny Mae and Fredie Mac!  He'll take orders! 

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