Monday, March 14, 2011


I am continually stunned but not surprised by the amount of order, patience and civility exhibited by the Japanese people right now.  Some have lost their homes, jobs, friends and  often family members and yet they weep silently.  Hundreds quietly stand in line waiting for water and food. There is no pushing, wailing, name-calling, or blame placing witnessed. There are no riots in the streets and looting has yet to be seen. Isn't it just amazing?

Before this horrific tragedy occurred their culture was remarkable in this way as well.  Riding their trains, elevators, or airplanes was always a  pleasant experience for us.  Everything they do is orderly. No Japanese would even consider allowing a cell phone to ring, let alone answer it in a crowd.  They never raise their voices in anger, swear or offer obscene gestures while navigating life publicly.  Politeness and patience seem to be in their genes. Their manners are impeccable. Now, their commitment to respect seems to rise to the surface even in their confusion and grief.

I'm so sad for that beautiful land and it's people.  It will take years to recover if they ever do!

We've heard from our friends there and they are fine.  They live in Tokyo and were not in the path of destruction last week.  We are so glad for that news. 

When we asked what they needed the most, their reply was "patience."  If anyone on the planet knows the beauty of that characteristic it is the Japanese people.

I'm wondering if I would react with such poise and strength.  All that devastation puts the petty annoyances of my life into perspective.  Maybe I'll think twice before throwing a hissy fit today!

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