Thursday, January 13, 2011


MUCH can be accomplished in the middle of the night! What's that about? Is this part of the aging process?

I'm pretty sure it's not just me because I have friends that tell me of their "middle of the night" epiphanies, work habits and hobbies.  But then again, all those friends are my age, too.  One gal even remodeled her house so she would have a pleasant sitting area near the bedroom complete with desk, books, and comfy chair.  The little nook was designed so her husband wouldn't even miss her as she slipped away and no light would disturb his snoring. She only had to go to the kitchen  briefly for the hot tea. (Perhaps she'll add a microwave and sink!)

There was a time when the idea of  me getting out of bed at 3 a.m. was considered insane, now it's ALMOST a daily occurrence. It's not a sad or frightening experience, but almost enjoyable.

I have my  best thoughts, and prayers at this hour.  There's a clarity of thought-stream that just isn't present during the hustle bustle of daylight hours.  Problems are solved, projects are completed and dreams for future fun with family and friends are planned. Memories can be relived with surprising focus and fond smiles.  My best stories, fiction and non, are put down on paper near a small nightlight. I can write a poem that no one will ever read or remember the words of a song that meant something  to me in high school!

Surely  everyone, regardless of age, has had the thrill of finishing a page-turner of a mystery at 4 a.m. That happens often, too.
There are a few books that I've read without taking a break or sometimes even a breath, from start to finish, cover to cover, and finally laid down in the wee hours.  Then there are those thrillers that would keep Rip van Winkle from any shut-eye.  I try to stay away from those.

Midnight (or later)  shopping can be done via the Internet. That store is ALWAYS open for business.

Of all my nocturnal activities, I draw the line at folding laundry or mopping the floor. Those are STRICTLY daytime chores! That law can be found in the Library of Congress.
Some of my neighbors are awake at this hour too. It's amazing what all goes on under the cover of darkness.  Looking out my window becomes somewhat of a theatrical site.

Entertainment is often provided by the wild creature category.  I've seen an opossum exploring my back patio, a mouse run across the concrete and leaves scattered  by the Oklahoma wind.  There's a fat old owl that sometimes sits on the fence.  A family of raccoons might pay a visit.  I've heard tales of coyotes but have yet to see them.

Once in a while a group of teenagers will stroll by.  Go figure that one!  That's another category!

Last summer a very odd old truck parked across the street. The security guard checked that out and told me a couple of folks were night fishing in the lake across the way. (Security guards are up and ready to answer their phone in the middle of the night, too)  Why would anyone want to go fishing at night? Why would anyone choose to be a night time security guard for a bunch of old ladies that don't sleep?

Then there is the newspaper delivery truck.  That's a dance worth watching!  There is a rhythm to sliding around the corners, pitching rolled up papers onto driveways.  The movements are as smooth as a ballet or the Texas two-step but not quite as sexy. I wonder when that driver sleeps.

Some neighbors are arriving home from working the late shift, some are just leaving for their long commute to their jobs.

There has also been a couple of times when I've witnessed young single male neighbors quietly sneaking home, parking their cars in their parents driveways.  They're always carrying their belts and shoes as they stumble to their doorways.  I silently wish them well.

Occasionally a fire engine siren will whiz down the back road and I find myself silently praying for the person that is in need of help.  Sometimes it's a police car and I'm sad for that officer who is heading to an unpleasant scene.

Yep, there's a lot of action during the night.  Sometimes it requires an afternoon nap just to keep up with it all!

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  1. Hey Sharon, I met you last month in College Station at the CWC. I'm a night owl and I have a feeling tonight will be a late one...we'll see how much gets done!