Saturday, January 22, 2011


Everybody knows THAT'S true.  Family, friends, the Word of God, a child's laughter,  people,  love, generosity, kindness, patience and encouragement all head the list of THE most important aspects of life.  NO THING can compare with the pride and friendship grown children bring, the devotion of a husband or the joy of grandchildren. NO THING can compare with an intimate relationship with the Creator or the bond of sister-love.

BUT...there are some THINGS  that make me smile,  too.  I could make a list or write a song (oh, Julie Andrews already did that!) or even take pictures of my favorite things.

Sometimes if a grandchild is having difficulty going to sleep I tell him/her to close their eyes and think about their favorite things. They always get that dreamy faraway look that tells me that they're thinking really hard and I can leave the room knowing that sweet peaceful sleep is imminent.

It's fun to dream about favorite things once in a while.

My  short list includes, in no particular order of importance:  puppy dog tummies, hybrid bearded Iris's, French soap, dusty old bookstores, antique shops, fabric stores, yarn shops, the mountains of Alaska, the beaches of Hawaii, sheets that have dried on a clothesline outside, letters from friends, fuzzy robes, new shoes, BOOKS, a red ripe Illinois tomato, a ride in a convertible, morel mushrooms freshly picked from an Illinois riverbank,  the Smithsonian, old pick-up trucks,  a plane ticket, an e-mail from a family member or friend, an evening free of anything electrical,  Gardenias,  MUSIC, and a picture crayola-colored by a grandchild.

My list COULD get long.  It might take days to complete it!!!

The moral of this story life is full!  Full of the important things of life and blessed with a whole lot of extras.   I think it's really healthy to stop and count 'em up every now and then.

Kris Kristopherson used to sing about it, "what have I ever deserve even one...of the blessings I've known?'

The answer...NOTHING!...NOT ONE THING...... have I's all GRACE!

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