Thursday, January 6, 2011


The Refinery of Tulsa  is hosting ANDY when he comes to town mid-January for a talk to teens and book signing.  He's actually coming to spend the week to serve as the Spiritual Emphasis Week pastor for Metro Christian of Tulsa.  He has scheduled other events outside the school for weekends and evenings.  His heart is for teens and he loves to get in front of them.

Tomorrow I'll be helping hand out some of these fliers to schools, churches, and places teens gather. IF you know of someone in that age group or a youth pastor, etc...that might be interested, pass this news along.

This flier was designed by Brittany, the store manager. It took her all of about 10 minutes. What talent!  And what a beautiful young lady. The Refinery is a "hip" clothing and book store for young people that often opens their doors for events such as this. 

It's going to be an exciting week having Andy (AND GABBY) here with us for a few days. I hope they'll let this old lady grandma stand in the back of the room so I can listen in!

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