Saturday, January 22, 2011


I am extremely thankful that my land line and my cell phone do not have the capability of  "video call."  Who needs to see my hair standing straight up early in the morning?  Who needs to know that I'm still in my nightgown while washing the breakfast dishes as I take a call? Who needs to see my pre-make-up face on a lazy day or the vision of me trying on a swim suit anticipating summer? That would cause instant blindness or perhaps a stampede for the telemarketer or family member. Yep, when that phone rings I am still invisible. It's the last bastion of privacy!

Until now.

I believe it was George Jetson that predicted such a device as "phone-a-vision."  And folks,  it is HERE!  

We installed SKYPE on my computer a year or so ago and don't use it as much as I'd like.  BUT...when we DO click on that "place a call with video" button and one of the kids clicks on the other end,  magic happens! Right there just inches from my nose is one of the cutest faces in the universe.

It's usually Mollie or Gracie on the screen  and we have a great time, making faces at each other, blowing cyber kisses, telling stories,  welcoming new dollies into the family, and basically just giggling.  Our most recent cyber visit included a look at the bottom of four little feet,  new teeth growing in filling the empty spot of a 6 yr olds mouth, and watching and hearing a recitation of  "The Cow." It is a dose of medicine for far away grandparents. EVERY home should be so equipped.

We used SKYP to meet TIKI for the first time a year ago in November.  He'd arrived from Africa to his new home and family and as grandparents got our first glimpse of him over the Internet.

This past year we  connected with both sons while they were working in foreign countries half a world away.  Yes, I love SKYPE and the folks that invented it and keep it up and running! I have no idea how it works but have heard something about satellites and free!

It's a great connection tool that requires only a little preparation.  A quick fluffing of the hair-do or throwing on a robe doesn't take long at all.  However, I will NEVER click the "answer video call" box while trying on a swim suit.  It is my sense of responsibility for keeping the nation safe that prevents such reckless behavior.

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