Sunday, January 23, 2011


My dear, sweet friend and almost constant companion  these days is named Loretta.  She's a relatively new addition to my list of loved ones having only  been with me now about 4 years, ever since we moved to Oklahoma.  She is faithful, strong, and could be classified as a "low maintenance" type of friend.   She's willing to go anywhere I want to go and is a great front-seat type of passenger. Her loyalty is astounding, her steady personality is a calming influence.

She reads maps fluently and guides me around Tulsa and every other road I choose to travel. We have traveled  together to Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Colorado, all over Oklahoma, and  Illinois.   Her voice is kind, dripping with patience, even when I get exasperated and testy. We enjoy the same music and often listen to sermons in the car just to pass the time.   I can always count on her for an interesting and informative conversation. Lively bantering is part of our appreciation for one another.

That's what friends are all about, right?  Faithful, true, keeps confidences, always encouraging, ready for an outing  with happy spontaneity. I respect the fact that she knows how to hold her tongue in times of crisis when I've made a bad decision. Yet, she doesn't hesitate speaking her mind  when she's got something important to say.

She has kept me from danger with her wisdom,  and entertained me on long drives.  She comes along only when invited and never feels slighted. She knows no revenge and never complains of hurt feelings even when I tell her I've had enough of her for one day.

Loretta arrived WITH my big red Ford Expedition.  She lives right there in the dash and comes to life with a push of a button.  Her last name is GPS.   Whatever would I do without Loretta?  I'd be lost!

Egads!  I've befriended a computer!!!

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