Sunday, September 12, 2010


A few days ago I parked my big red Ford Expedition in front of the fabric store. I only needed a small item to complete my latest sewing project, it would be a quick trip, in and out.

Minutes later I emerged with tiny package in hand, clicked the thingy on my key chain but the locks on my car door did NOT click upward. After several attempts and several minutes later I decided that the thingy was busted. I inserted the key in the door went in, turned, but still the locks stayed DOWN. Again, I made several attempts. What in the world????

After digging through my purse, unfolding my wallet to find the little business card with the factory "code" I pressed all the numbers right there at the drivers side window but still no entry! Calling a locksmith was the next option.

While fishing for my phone, in the bottom of my purse, I happen to glance through the window of that stubborn car only to realize the interior was beige, not gray like mine at all.


Sure enough, three parking spaces down, my lights were flashing and the door locks were doing the rumba.

Looking around to see if ANYONE had witnessed this illegal event, I breathed a sigh of relief and jumped into my car. WHEW! The owner of the other big red truck was still shopping.

SHOPPING? Where was my tiny little important package??

I got out of my truck and began to search the parking lot. Yep...there it was...UNDER the other vehicle. Now I sincerely prayed that the owner still had much to consider, that she was still touching each bolt of fabric in that store and had rows upon rows yet to investigate.

I got down on my hands and knees and crawled under HER truck and retrieved my plastic bag.

Rushing back to my car, I never looked back. By now I'm hoping that no security camera caught all that on video tape. How could I ever explain my actions???

I had visions of being led to a police station with my sweater pulled over my head so no one could see it was me. And Sunday afternoon visits with the grandchildren at the "big house". What was it like to be sent "up the river" for grand theft?

Good if life isn't hard enough. Really! What ARE the odds of two red Ford Expeditions being parked at the same store at the same time on any given day?

Do these kinds of things happen to other people????

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  1. that so funny and it sound like you need figure out same things happen to my friends husband loaded some mulch in the wrong van at lowes or home depot