Saturday, September 18, 2010


Talk about sensory overload! Today a nearby neighborhood held its annual "GARAGE SALE". If an item was not out for sale today, it simply isn't needed to function in this world. The streets were lined with cars bumper to bumper. No need for the mailman to drive through there today...impossible! People came from miles around to shop this very popular yearly event. We'd seen it advertised so much we decided to check it out.

This particular sale must be categorized as a "festival" of sorts. Along with miles of "sellers and sellees" haggling over prices, there were kids selling candy and dads grilling turkey legs. Boys pulling ice chests up and down the streets hawked bottled water, lemonade and Mountain Dew. Babies were sharing their stroller seats with all kinds of knick knacks, plastic flowers and almost new toys. People were friendly and they were of all nationalities and ethnic groups. The sights and sounds reminded me of a county fair.

We strolled by the usual tables stacked with pre-land fill items and started noticing the big ticket articles. I've never seen a Corvette parked at a garage sale before! It was all shined up with a sticker on the windshield. Young men gathered around drooling!

There were boats, wave runners, washer and driers, 4-wheelers, golf carts, furniture of all shapes and sizes, outdoor grills and cookers, libraries of books, and stacks of tires of all sizes! There were blow-up swimming pools, snow skiis, skateboards and skates. Who knew?

We've decided that it's a sign of the times. There were even a few houses in that area with front yard grass grown up mid-calf and "For Sale by Owner" signs pounded into the dry soil.

Evidently people are trying to make a little cash by getting rid of everything but the necessities of life.

Maybe some are shedding things that they've now discovered they couldn't afford in the first place.

Maybe the "fun money" is now spent having fun at the grocery store instead of putting gas in a boat or 4-wheeler or Corvette.

Maybe folks are discovering that the more stuff the more time/money/effort it takes to care for it. And who wants to spend their life like that?

Maybe the definition of contentment has changed and the purchases needed for "status" have lost their lustre.

Recycling, that's what it is!!

I'm pretty sure that "garage sales" are uniquely American. Good old Yankee ingenuity.

And a really good excuse for a free street party!

Maybe we'll go back over there tonight for the live entertainment!

Some things just make you want to stand up, put your hand over your heart and sing the Star Spangled Banner.

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