Monday, September 6, 2010


Another birthday!
How can it be?
The gray haired man is 63!
Not really! (He's only 59, but that didn't rhyme!)

We have a family tradition! The EXACT number of candles must be placed on the birthday person's cake, to be blown out while party-goers sing the song. None of that lazy "let's just put 2 big numbers on there" for us. The more candles the better. The smoke gets thicker each year and the wax on the icing is the expected flavor now.

This year we celebrated Honeybuns birthday a little early, over Labor Day Weekend, here at home with Philip, Nancy, Thompson, Mollie and Gracie. They drove up from Dallas for a couple of days. Last year we were in Colorado with Andy, Jamie and the Fab 4 at that time, now it's the Fab 5! Having grandchildren assisting with the blowing is an extra-special birthday treat.

Being 59 was never even a possibility when we were young! 30 seemed old to us at one time. Funny how THAT changes as time marches on. The closer we get to 80 the younger THAT sounds.

And to quote Honeybuns, "Today I only feel 10 years older than I did when I was 58!"
Oh, could be down hill from now on. Next year will be the big SIX O! I don't know how we'll face that one!

But, I've heard that 60 is the new we shall see. Being 40 was a good experience!

We've shared so many birthdays and anniversaries and holidays and sick days and well days and joyous days and sad days, the list goes on. We've had many high adventures that have thrilled our socks right off and a few pain filled days to balance out the joy.

We are best friends and soul mates. We live the same values and our hearts beat in sync. And life together is so much better than life apart could ever be. Isn't it great when it works out like that?

We are incredibly blessed.

Even aging together it o.k. We're practicing at being old together so that when we get there we'll know what to do!

It's times like these when I reflect upon the words of that great theologian, Winnie the Poo, who stated, "If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you.."

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  1. Sharon, I love your blog, and I love YOU! I hope "Honeybuns" had a great birthday! It has been my pleasure knowing you both!