Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"GCB "- Brand New Television Show

OK, I've had it!  I am LIVID!  Today I will not be tolerant! I just heard this news a few hours ago and smoke is still coming out my ears.

ABC has launched a new television series, titled  GCB which stands for "Good Christian Belles."  The comedy is based upon a novel titled "Good Christian B....." (rhymes with witches!)   The NEW title is a compromise but no one is fooled.  Perhaps softening the vulgar title some men with  a limited vocabulary often use referring to women fools some folks but not this gal. 

I am LIVID!  Did I already say that? 

I have NOT read the book and I have NOT seen the TV show.  Nope, don't have to. I can't get past the title.

(By the way, I am not alone, there are politicians and statesmen crying for a boycott of this show, asking ABC to pull it from their schedule.)

I'm just wondering if there would be any hesitancy  of cancelling if the title were,  "Good Muslim B......," or "Good Catholic B........, " or "Good Jewish B........?" Apalling, isn't it?

Evidently the show will portray women who PROFESS to be Christian that go to church on Sunday, sing in the choir, teach  children in Sunday School but live like the heathen during the week.  The whole premise is a lie....there is NO such thing as a CHRISTIAN  B........  Those two words CANNOT exist in the same breath.

Let's concentrate on the word PROFESS.  Yep, I agree, the Christian church is FULL of women (and men) that PROFESS to be believers in the virgin birth, sinless life, sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, a.k.a. God in human form!  Words are cheap, lots of folks can use them for a variety of reason. Sometimes church attendance and membership is good for a resume, a social position or status in the community.  Family pressures must be included, as well.  The good Lord knows it happens often!
BUT...if a woman  (or man) is a TRUE believer her life is different, NOT perfect and never will be, but DIFFERENT.  Because she is a new creature in Christ, (I could quote verses here) because her sanctification is the responsibility of God, because sin is repulsive to her, because the love she has for Jesus is magnified in all her relationships, because she is quickly convicted of unkindness, selfishness and hatred and repents of it daily, she can NEVER wear the B word!

I'm going to assume the producers/writers/actors of this show know these true facts and promises from the Good Book and therefore must conclude that their purpose is to mock and degrade Christian women and convince those that are NOT Christian that they want no part of it. "The church is nothing but hypocrites anyway, right?"  Sure the hypocrites are there, but so are the genuine!

I know thousands myself!  Billions of GENUINE  believers have lived and served humanity throughout history and given their lives for the good of mankind.  ABC: Who do you think founded the great universities, hospitals, schools, charities?  Who do you think gives away their wealth, their health and sometimes even their children to mission work?  Who is the first on the scene of disasters large and small?  Not the PROFESSORS, but the genuine! 

(My anger must be a defense of all the genuine I personally admire from the history books and those that are my friends now.)

ABC, shame on you!  Until you're ready to include Muslim women, Catholic women, Jewish women, your mothers, sisters and wives, leave the believers alone!

Why would ANY woman put up with this?  We wouldn't let our husbands, sons, brothers, or uncles call us by that name, even disguised or in jest, why should we allow ABC to get away with it?

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  1. Sharon, I signed the petition going around about it. I agree I doubt they could have a show with another religion with this premise. Did you see Tulsa world Sunday? I was a little disheartened to see that Kristin chinoweth from Tulsa is lead in this show. She gave an interview with her view on why she thinks it's great, speaking as a Christian. Interesting. I wouldn't have come up with her argument, but I saved it form discussion purposes!