Thursday, March 1, 2012


Well, who ARE those old folks?  Comparing this picture to the one taken ten years ago in that same place is a shock to my system. (Same dress!)  But growing older is a privilege, denied by many people that leave this earth way too young, so  I am thankful for every wrinkle and  gray hair! 

Maui, Hawaii is truly paradise!  Adding a fabuloso resort, great food, and no responsibility to the natural beauty doesn't hurt either. Boating out to visit the annual migration of thousands of hump-backed whales was nothing short of thrilling! Walking endless miles on pristine beaches, hiking up a volcano, going to sleep listening to the waves hit the shore, feeling the trade winds on our faces, watching ancient huge sea turtles swimming, and admiring local artists, are all  the things that describe the perfect vacation. We had a super duper good time!

(Getting to and returning FROM that island in the Pacific is another story that I'll no longer think about!)

The Island atmosphere is laid back and easy.  No pushing and shovin', no concerns about time or schedules. Lovely smiling people were everywhere.  It is very tempting to fa niggle a plan to move there permanently. What a dream!

An endless vacation!  AH, Bliss!

But today reality calls!  The laundry has to be done, dinner prepared, errands to run, friends and family to check on, business appointments to keep!  I'm glad to be home, there's NO PLACE LIKE IT! 

Maui again some day?  Hope so!  Maybe in another ten years! I'll save the dress just in case!

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  1. I love that picture! Now I know what my Christmas present is for next year! That 8X10! :)