Friday, February 10, 2012


No picture today, because I have NO computer today.  I'm at the mercy of the gracious people at the Broken Arrow Library!  (Did you know that YOUR library has computers for you to use when your computer fries?  It's wonderful!) And free if you have a library card.  I LOVE my library!!!

I'm not sure when my new, state-of-the art, did I say new, top-of-the line, computer met it's maker but I think it happened sometime while I was traveling in Illinois to visit my elderly uncle.  When I got home, switched it on, logged in....IT FROZE!  Yep, no amount of praying, pleading or cajoling would convince the thing to do as I was asking it to do!

My heart stopped.  Years of FAMILY PICTURES, book writing projects, MY CHRISTMAS CARD ADDRESS LIST, letters to and from friends and businesses, devotionals sent to magazines, biographical sketches, etc. all there but out of my reach.

We headed to the GEEK store, left it with a promise to return for the diagnosis!  A few hours later my worst fear was confirmed.  My trusty computer was fried! Completely! Totally!  There was only a slight chance of retrieving any data at all.  We sadly took it home and Honeybuns took it to his computer whiz company the next day.  It is still in intensive care there!  A specialist has been flown in (not really, I made that up) to see if it will take a final gasp before life support is discontinued. ask, what have I been doing with myself these past few days?  Well, the house is clean, I've knitted a couple of projects, read a few books, attended two book clubs, visited friends EVERY DAY and took a couple of road trips for speaking engagements.  And did I mention, I've been complaining ALOT, in person, on Facebook (I still have the iPad), and on my iphone?!  Yes, everyone is tired of hearing about my computers demise!

SO....I'm done complaining. This week really hasn't been all that bad!  In fact, I've learned that I can lead a very rewarding life without my HP.  Isn't that what how we used to live BEFORE the PC entered our living rooms and we spent HOURS surfing the web, etc?

I'm not quite experiencing Life on the Prairie, but almost!

We'll see, perhaps this cold turkey computer rehabilitation ordeal will soon become my NEW NORMAL! 

Now, where IS that pen and paper?   Do they still make carbon paper???

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