Thursday, January 5, 2012


Sharon, Bettigail, me, Linda, Susan.
Diane is taking the picture!

What can 6 old ladies (minus Susan) do on New Years Day?  TEXT each other, that's what!  After the CO Christmas #1 and the TX Christmas #2, and the IL Christmas #3, we ended up with family and friends for a "relaxing" New Years Day in Arcadia, Illinois.

The afternoon will go down in history,  at least for the women that attended.  After a delightful time at church and lunch, the men headed to the living room to watch football and the ladies gathered around the kitchen table to chat.  Soon the phones came out and it was "game on!"

All the secrets on Facebook were revealed,   funny pictures  were checked out on the phones, tips and tricks of texting were discussed and FOUR hours later we all agreed it was the best time with the most laughs in a LONG time! There were several moments when EVERYONE was talking at once, AND EVERYONE was understanding the details of each conversation!  It was simply amazing! And truly a "woman thing."

We learned that ONE of us was a super FB detective, ONE a defriended family member, ONE a total novice with her new phone, ONE pretty techy, ONE low on "juice" and ONE  was being Internet- stalked by 3 mysterious men.  The longer the session lasted the wilder it became! 

There were complaints from the football viewing crowd that they couldn't hear a thing a couple of rooms away.  Those were the same men that kept sneaking into the kitchen to find out what was so funny.  We vowed to NEVER tell!

If laughter is the best medicine, the six of us will  be very healthy in 2012! 

Thank you Susan, Linda, Bettigail, Sharon and Diane!  Profound  respect and love for each of you has expanded my heart!

 Thank you Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckus (?),  AT & T,  Verizon and all others involved in creating and delivering  this new fangled technology.  Beats a quilting bee any day!

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