Friday, January 6, 2012


There is NOTHING like a hug!  I love giving  AND receiving them.  Science has proven that  physical contact is critical to survival.

Did you know that orphaned monkeys will die from lack of HUGS????  Yes, even monkeys need to be hugged several times a day in order to thrive!  (Just for the record, I am NOT comparing the human species to apes, chimpanzees or spider monkeys!  Nope, I've got too much evidence supporting the creation theory. No apologies to the late Mr. Hitchens.)

The best human hugs come to me from Honeybuns, the grown  sons,  our daughters-in-law,  the grandchildren and good friends offering a sweet hello or perhaps comfort at just the right moment.  When a person withholds a hug, they are simply being downright stingy!  Afterall, how much trouble is it anyway??

THEN there is the SUPERNATURAL HUG!  That one tops them  all!  If you can't tolerate a human hug, THIS ONE'S FOR YOU!

The "supernatural hug"  involves a deep sense of God's presence, approval and affirmation.  It conveys the unconditional love that everyone longs for but finds hard to even discuss. It wipes away my tears, strengthens me,  gives me hope in hopeless situations, and a sense of calm and a return to sanity when  I've  gone off the deep end with worry and fear!

And, all I have to do to receive that hug is read and believe  HIS book.

You  see, a  still small voice always accompanies the SUPERNATURAL HUG.  There is a whisper that is heard in my heart.  It sounds like this:

"Be still and know that I am God."  Ps. 16:10
"Fear not, All they can do is kill you."  Matt. 10:28
"It is finished."  John 19:30
"I am with you to the end of the age."  Matt 28:16
"In my father's house are many rooms.....I will come and take you to be with me."  John 14:2-3
"The Lord will provide."  Gen 22:14

I've heard these whispers and THOUSANDS of others over the past 40 years.  They are life-changing words and they are true.

This is what it looks like:

I plan to experience the SUPERNATURAL HUG  often this year! If you see me smiling, or perhaps humming a little tune you'll know I've had my nose in HIS book and heard HIS voice.

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