Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Tonight I'm thinking a lot about expectations! That is such a dangerous word depicting a myriad of opportunities for frustration, hurt and the bitterness that follows that kind of pain.

I expect my computer to work perfectly and quickly all the time. I expect my vacuum cleaner to pick up dirt and dust balls efficiently. I expect my schedule to match the hours of the day and the interests of my heart. I expect approval and love from my family all the time. I expect respect and kindness from others. I expect to be understood. I expect my children and young friends to outlive me. I expect all children to be fed, loved and tear-free. I expect my husband to be all-wise and my sons to make good decisions. I expect good health until my very last breath is taken. I expect the marriages that I admire to last until death. I expect my loved ones to be safe. I expect my home to be a sanctuary.

And all that adds up to perfection, doesn't it? How foolish is that?
My mind tells me that perfection is a curse and an illusive vapor, but my heart still EXPECTS it at times. Perfection achieved in this life is a lie from the pit of hell. It is a joy stealer and time waster. It is the root of unforgiveness, bitterness and wrinkles.(And who needs more of them?)

A wise older friend told me years and years ago that he thought I'd be the happiest person in heaven because I knew what it would be like. Perfect! But...he added, that kind of happiness would not occur until then!

Life is sometimes hard, but its made intolerable by unrealistic expectations. I often hear people say..."but, God can do anything!" Yes, He can, but most often He chooses to work within the realms of physics and mankind's free choices. His book never once promised a life of perfection anyway! In fact, just the opposite. He said, "in this world you will have troubles, but never fear for I have overcome the world." If we had no problems, we'd never know or need HIM.

SO...I'm ditchin' 'em! An unrealistic expectation is a sting operation and the result is it's painful poison.

Better to live in the present, savoring each moment as it comes, no matter what it brings. All of life is sifted through a loving Father's hand. All of life's situations are the best for me, even when they're not PERFECT!

Laying down those expectations makes for a happier me! Joy and humor return! I can laugh again. I can wait for perfection!

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