Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Steve and Kim were the cutest young couple. We met them at church and they soon dwelled in our hearts. At that time their family consisted of 3 lively boys all under the age of 5, two of which were twins. The boys kept things hoppin' at church gatherings and were loved by the whole congregation. Kim soon became the pianist for that congregation and Steve the life of every party. They were in our young adult Sunday School class for a time and then became very involved in the youth department.
Our boys enjoyed the transparency and fun they brought to the mix.

Life changes put distance between us and that wonderful group of young married couples. We headed off to other states and job changes as did they. But not long ago Facebook united us once again. They had built and sold a business and were now semi-retired dividing their time between their home in AR and a new place in Pagosa Springs, CO. It was fun looking at pictures of their grandchildren, their great outdoor adventures, their cute dogs and their now all grown-up sons. It was so good to "see" them via the Internet as they were enjoying this season of their life. We made cyberspace promises to get together the next time we were headed west and found ourselves in their neck of the woods.

Kim and Steve's life together and their plans for their future ended yesterday morning when Steve suffered a heart attack and passed from this life to one that the rest of us only dream about.

His life was all too short. The shock of this event has left many unable to breathe today. It doesn't seem possible, this must be a nightmare. How do we deal with news that tears huge holes into our hearts?

Steve's precious family has the comfort of their faith in Jesus Christ, the Risen One, who promised that the eternal life experienced at the moment of death is glorious and far beyond anything we can even imagine. They'll be longing for the day to come when they'll be reunited once again, free of pain and tears, loneliness and separation. These next days and months and even years will be very difficult. Yet, I'm sure they'll be surrounded by supportive friends and family members.
They are loved by so many.

Steve is home .......and the rest of us are just "homesick".

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