Monday, May 3, 2010


Want to see something fabulous? Drive by my yard! The Iris are screaming!
It's amazing eye candy! Blue, black, orange, pink, blue, purple, yellow, white and this magnificient plant above are doing their thing. Most came from a company called Schreiners' from Salem, Oregon that specializes in this flower and all began their life as ugly hairy brown rhizomes with little tendrils sticking out. The white ones were a gift from a good friend who is a Master Gardener and expert on all things beautiful in the garden. They're pretty easy to grow and they multiply like rabbits. This is the time of year when the inside of my house smells like a funeral parlor as I fill it with vases of cut ones and the outside is the talk of the neighborhood. How can something that started out so ugly transform into something so amazing? I have to admit I've gone a little over board, but who can resist such beauties with names such as Rio, Summer Olympics, Victoria Falls, Midnight Oil, Red Hawk, Change of Pace, Witches Wand, Above the Clouds, Kind Word, Immortality and Decadence. (Sounds like the line-up for the Kentucky Derby, doesn't it?) Would they be so stunning without those exotic names? Sure, but it adds to the story.
These few weeks in May prove every year that there is a creator GOD and HE makes things lovely. I'm SO glad!

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