Tuesday, May 25, 2010


32 years ago today was one of the most defining moments in our lives. Our second son, Philip Richard Braner was born. He was the baldest, skinniest little thing and we were in love with him the moment he took his first breath. He was quickly nicknamed "onion head" and "tooth pick legs". That was cruel, wasn't it? All spoken with affection, I assure you.

It didn't take him long to fill out, grow some hair and START TALKING. When I enrolled him in kindergarten and filled out the paperwork I was asked, "when did this child start talking?" I answered, "At birth and hasn't stopped since." I wonder if anyone ever reads those applications. I remember holding his little face in my hands and pleading with him, "please stop talking....for 30 minutes!" He didn't!

Little boys are just grand! We've had so much fun watching him grow through Cub Scouts, piano lessons, elementary school programs, basketball games, church camps, driving, dating, graduations, college, wedding, and now husband and Daddy. Oh, so many stories! He's very kind and fun...and because of that has many wonderful friends. He's thoughtful and very wise. He thrives in his profession, which I do NOT understand. (Too many zeros) He takes his marriage very seriously and delights in his lovely wife. His children (two girls and one boy)are his best work! They are fabulous, too.

The transition of child to man happens all too quickly, but what a ride!

Sons begin as little boys and grow up to be your friends. I am SO blessed by my sons.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHILIP! We love you to the moon and back!

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