Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our Country Divided

I've been accused of being a "news" junkie. I suppose it's true...I like to know what's happening. And what's happening today is very disturbing. Yesterday the crack in our national culture broadened into a great chasm. The shouting on both sides of this healthcare issue has become deafening. The struggle for power has certainly increased in volume and intensity. Lawsuits are being written, campaigns are being organized, and there are lines being drawn in the sand. Two very different views of America are forming. It truly is capitalism vs. socialism. What's the regular citizen not living near the Washington Beltway supposed to think or do?
I'm trying to stay informed, as much as possible in this very manipulative media era, while all the time resting in the fact that God is not surprised by any of this, that HE has a plan that will prevail, and we're all going to learn much. How He'll use us "regular" folks has yet to be seen. Perhaps inserting a little "calmness" and kindness into our speech and relationships would be helpful. (And I'm also planning to attend a Tea Party or two!)
Here's a line from Dr. Larry Crabb's book "66 Love Letters", from 2 Corinthians:
"God says, My Spirit is telling MY story to your psychological culture, a culture that actually believes woundedness - how others treat you - is a more serious problem than selfishness - how you treat others. Understand this: no one who fails to see their selfishness as their absolutely worst problem, no one who continues to believe that their feelings of emptiness and pain and loneliness deserve priority attention from a grandfather-like God who simply wants all His little ones to feel good, will ever know the kind of hope that energized and sustained Paul through all his disappointments and discouragement."
Maybe that's what we need today - a new kind of HOPE.

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  1. Wow! Way to start your blog sprinting out of the gates. . .nothing shallow for you! :)