Friday, March 26, 2010


I LOVE THIS PICTURE! Our grandaughter Maggie is taking a big view of what's under the sea. Those eyes are taking it all in. My hope is that as I navigate life my eyes are just as wide. In fact, I've been accused of being able to "see" the big picture but totally inept at even noticing details. I stand accused and guilty. Sometimes I get really frustrated talking to folks who can see the "leaves" but miss the "forest". And I'm sure folks shake their head and roll their eyes when they're trying to help me understand the molecules of the moment. No doubt it takes both kinds to balance out our days.
It just seems so important to me that we look beyond our noses and anticipate consequences of actions or words being considered. To make time to "think things through", to do the work of looking beyond the moment. I don't always suceed and sometimes run ahead of common sense.
It happens in relationships, churches, marriages, businesses, mortgages, credit cards and yes, even countries. And it always backfires. (I'm afraid our nation is speeding down the road with eyes closed. It's the pull of "whats in it for me" vs. "what's best for the nation and the future.")
I'm hoping that Maggie lives her life with "eyes wide open".

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