Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Delany Sisters

As a "bookaholic" I can't let this day go by without commenting on my most recent delight. (It's true, I read about 3 books a week..and since I discovered the Tulsa County Library system my husband is o.k. with my addiction as well.) Sadie and Bessie DeLany are true to life heroes. Sisters from a brood of 10 children whose father was born into slavery on a plantation in southern Georgia share their story. Both women, who lived to be well over 100, present an historical, lively & sometimes cruel account of life. Their voices blend together as did their days since they lived side by side through all their years. ("Having Our Say, the DeLany Sisters first 100 Years") Their dignity, courage, wisdom, & love is a remarkable testimony to a family that rose above all kinds of hardships to become people that influenced individuals and society. Neither married but nurtured countless children and adults nevertheless. This book is their legacy for the rest of us.
Legacy...now that's worth pondering. How will my life influence those that come after me? I used to laugh when thinking of one particular long ago relative saying, "that man was the perfect example of how NOT to live". Every family has one or two or three of those. The bottom line is, we don't live just for ourselves. Children, grandchildren, even strangers are watching, learning, taking note, receiving what I dish out! It really does matter how I live, in public as well as in private. I suppose the term is "role model". I'm wondering if I'm modeling faith, joy, simplicity, acceptance, & courage. I sure hope so.
Thank you Sadie and Bessie.

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