Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hindsight is a fun place to visit once in a while. And looking back at the days when the boys were growing up at home brings back many happy memories. We were always going somewhere, visiting historical sights or museums, traveling around the country on various vacations. And I loved it. We tried to expose them to all kinds of places, people and situations. At the time I don't think it was a conscious decision, just fun! When our oldest was only 12 he won a contest sponsored by Parade Magazine for boys that were at that time newspaper carriers! Two boys chosen from each state were awarded a trip to London, England and Scotland. It was called the Young Columbus tour. We put him on a plane and into the hands of complete strangers for 10 days. What were we thinking??? Our families of origin thought we were nuts. There were moments during those 10 days that we thought we were nuts, too. A few years ago he called to thank me for "giving him the world as his backyard" He and his brother are both fine young men, brave and comfortable in foreign settings as well as in their home cities of Dallas, Texas and Durango, Colorado. They both have experienced far flung parts of the globe and have wonderful stories to tell. (Their secret desire is to be contestants on the "Amazing Race")
And I said all that to say that FEAR is the hindrance to knowing people, places and things outside our comfort zones. FEAR has to be the number one enemy to enjoying life in it's fullest. FEAR causes us to not trust people that are different from us and builds walls in our imaginations. I don't think we can take any credit for their fearlessness, but I want to always be like them, enjoying everything and everyone this beautiful world has to offer.

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