Monday, November 10, 2014


It was a BEAUTIFUL day in North Texas this past Sunday. SO, we decided to take the Dallas grand kids to Jurassic Park.  Well, not really, but ALMOST!

There is an incredible exhibit of dinosaurs near Fairview, TX that will be open to the public through next February.  It is located at the Heard Museum and Nature Preserve and about 20 minutes from our house. It was a short ride of anticipating a wild game hunt!

It didn't take long before we were obsessed with everything dinos! (I could HEAR the theme to Jurassic Park looping through my brain.)  Down 1/2 mile path, half hidden by trees and foliage,  9 of the BIGGEST pre-historic creatures to ever walk this earth emerged. We tried to pronounce their names, imagine what they enjoyed for dinner, where they might sleep at night and how they became extinct.

Meanwhile they all moved their legs, rolled their eyes and made pre-historic growling sounds.  It was great!

The older kiddos saw through the "pretense" immediately, laughed at them, climbed on their tails and smiled for photos!

Not so with Betsy! (age 3)  She covered her ears and RAN away, no doubt convinced that T-Rex was about to swallow her whole! Evidently if she could not HEAR the frightening sounds the danger would disappear! It didn't work for long!  It never does, you know!

It's the old "ostrich head in the hole in the ground" plan!  Many very well adjusted, intelligent, fine upright adults try to live their life by that plan as well.

BUT.....I thought I would try it today.  I covered my ears, ignored the negative news and pictures and hoped everything would be ok.  For a brief time all were safe, everyone I loved was content and happy, and momentarily "everything was right with the world."

It didn't last long!

 Once I took my hands off my ears it was soon evident that ISSL is still gaining strength, spin about the latest election is still spinning, politicians are making promises and quickly breaking them, children are still being sold as sex slaves, cancer is still taking it's deadly toll, healthcare costs are skyrocketing, teens are believing that sex and drugs are the panacea for living, our borders are still being violated, terrorists plots are still being uncovered, pornography is tearing apart the psyche of our young men, divorce is breaking hearts, part-time workers are frustrated, people of the same sex are marrying each other, babies in the womb are being murdered, and many relationships are stretched to the breaking point as family members stare at their electronic devices while at the dinner table.

 On top of all that CHRISTMAS is coming and I have no idea what gifts to buy this year!

BUT, a temporary relief is better than no relief at all I suppose.

Keep your ears covered, baby girl!  I want you to remain beautifully innocent and safe for as long as possible!

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