Wednesday, November 19, 2014


It's November, one more month left in the year 2014.  I guess now its safe to reveal my "secret!"

This past January I decided to forego the usual "New Years Resolutions."  You know, lose weight, be kind, clean closets, walk for 2 hours every day, climb Mt. Everest, etc.  Those are very good intentions that fall by the wayside about Jan.10th!

This time I made a PROCLAMATION!  Even though it was silent and secret, I was determined to try an experiment that I'd been pondering for years.

Many moons ago (actually about 30  years ago) a very wise friend told me  HER secret to joyous living.  It was so stunning and revolutionary that all I could do was file it away in the deep crevices of my brain matter.  It seemed SO impossible.  Actually I thought she was a little crazy....BUT, she DID have that wild-eyed "who cares" smile on her face ALOT!

THIS was the year I pulled it out of the cobwebs of my brain  to give it a try.

Her suggestion:  "Sharon, practice INSTANT FORGIVENESS until it becomes a habit."

WHAT?  Instant Forgiveness??  How can ANYONE possibly do that???

I'm delighted to announce.  It works!

There are so many cliches out there that probably feed into this thought process.  Statements like;
"Everybody is hurting," "Walk  a mile in their shoes before judging,"  "Be kind for all folks are dealing with something hard," etc.....   All are very good sentiments.

BUT, I am basically lazy and forget all those sentiments so try as hard as I could I still found myself with hurt feelings, self-pitiful moments, seething anger, etc.

It is SO much easier to just FORGIVE right there ON THE SPOT and move on!

Most folks don't even realize they have hurt you and would NEVER do so intentionally.  AND I'm sure I've left a trail of pain in my path, unknowingly and certainly without predetermined malice.

That's humanity at it's best.  (Let's don't even mention humanity at it's worst!)

This has been the healthiest emotional year for me for a long time. (Even though we've had some life changing experiences.)

Psychiatrists could have a field day with this I'm sure! There would probably be predictions of future health and mental problems for "stuffing it," and not expressing myself often enough, not getting it off my chest,  not telling people exactly how I feel, not letting anyone get away with insulting me, not being honest, etc.

BUT, for now I'm singing the praises of  INSTANT FORGIVENESS!

Nothing is so FREEING!  I have more time, energy, love, compassion and SMILES.

Sounds almost BIBLICAL, doesn't it??? Why did it take me 30 years to give this a whirl???

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