Sunday, November 25, 2012


Who needs paper and a pencil? We've got keyboards and smart boards and EVERYONE is texting these days!  I've heard that soon schools will no longer be teaching "cursive." Who needs to take the time for beautiful penmanship in this era of fast and faster?

What a shame!

Because there is an incredible beauty in a handwritten note.  It represents THOUGHT, TIME and EFFORT by the author. It conveys the idea that the recipient is "worth" the all the trouble it takes to find the right paper, writing tool and words. Notes are grammatically correct with full sentences and proper punctuation.

This one arrived in the mail a couple of weeks ago, sent to Honeybuns, a.k.a. PAPA!

Gabby Braner is the author and this one is a keeper. I'm thinking it took her quite a while to complete this work.  It's hung on the fridge now for a while, but when it's taken down it'll be stored in a very special file to be reviewed much later when Gabby is older.

I have several like this in that file. 

The words saved on simple notebook paper come from the heart of children and are PRICELESS.

You can see by Gabby's newly found skill that she thinks Papa is nos (nice), swet (sweet) and coot (cute).   AND she loves HIM.

Can it get much better than that?  

Maybe in a few years Gabby will truly understand how very important her handwritten notes really are.  They are a great encouragement to her Papa that lives very far away from her! It lets him know that she's not forgotten him in the busyness of her little life.

That's what handwritten notes truly are, ENCOURAGEMENT! 

Thanks Gabby! You've set a wonderful example.

u r lovd, c u soon!

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