Wednesday, November 7, 2012


I CANNOT quit staring at this picture!  It was taken very near my sister's house in Illinois. (last week!)

This creature is HUGE!  And it's roaming around freely!  Usually I see this kind of animal in a ZOO! It's reddish in color with a black tipped tail and  black feet.

The image was captured by a night vision camera installed by some deer hunters. I'm sure they were hoping to see some big buck pass by. They NEVER expected this. 

Now I'm hearing that hunters in the area search out these big guys frequently! WHAT? There are more???  Yes, there are other pictures of this fellows aunts, cousins, siblings, and friends popping up in local newspapers there.

The phrase "things that go bump in the night" comes to mind. Perhaps "things that go grrrr in the night" would be more appropriate. Because I am an avid fan of National Geographic I KNOW he likes to eat...REGULARLY!  Scenes of flying legs, teeth bared,  and rabbits fleeing for their life are popping into my brain.

Having lived in that area long ago and having visited many times in the past few years, I simply cannot imagine coming out her front door to face this! Time to start "packin some heat" don't you think?

Just what IS the plan? What do you do if you round the corner of your car late one evening heading to the house and this hungry face greets you? I don't mean to be an alarmist, BUT being prepared might be a good idea.

Is there a website titled, "How to scare away a cougar!"

It's the wild, wild west all over again. 

This helps me be content living in a city.  The beasts we deal with here have only TWO legs and usually are NOT carnivorous!

Be safe my country family and friends!

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