Monday, August 13, 2012


The inside toys are packed away into the toy closet.  The laundry is done, sheets are washed, yard toys are back in the garage and it's VERY quiet here at the house.
BeBe Camp 2012 is officially closed.  The campers (grandkids) have returned home to get ready for school.

It's been a busy summer, kid-wise.  Hays and Tiki were here for just a couple of days.  Gracie, Mollie and Thompson (his first year) attended BeBe camp for a week.  Gabby was the  lone camper for five days. 

BeBe Camp is a Braner tradition that will continue.  Gracie decided this year that she will "never get too old to attend."  We'll see! Right now toys and games saved from their Daddy's era are fascinating.  I'm thinking that  in time the activities might have to change from unending games of chicken foot, art class, musical bands, and disco parties to shopping excursions, theme parks and spa trips.

But for the next few years we're still in business.  After all Betsy is only one, she has yet to experience the thrill of  the Magic Tent and being spoiled by two doting grandparents for a week.  Mollie, Thompson and Gabby are still entertained by shadows on the wall and stories of the Berenstein Bears. Hays, Tiki, Dax and Maggie enjoy video games and bicycles, we hold out hopes that their schedules will allow them to return before they are all grown up. (I'm thinking Hays might enjoy a trip to OSH KOSH  to the airplane show next summer! See older post!)

This week it's time for detox!  That is the period of time when all becomes silent and the only laughter comes from remembering the crazy things we did and the funniest quotes from the short people!  Gazing at the pictures of our adventures is a fun time.

Detox time means I get to rest and regroup.  Its a time for the parents to exhibit extraordinary patience as the kiddos readjust to "real life" without their every wish being met with a resounding, "you bet, let's do it!"   Yes, its' the job and the delight of the OLD people to make smiles appear on young faces.  (Parents WILL understand it one day, we'll just tolerate their intolerance until they become grandparents! Then they'll "get it." )

We are in the season of life called PLAY!  Constant, fully engaged PLAY when the kiddos are around.  I highly recommend it.

In a few days planning will begin for next season.  New games, new toys, new ideas?  Parents better get them registered soon.  The Camp Calendar will fill up FAST!

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