Sunday, August 12, 2012


This week we received another update on my elderly uncle that is living in the Veterans Home in Quincy, Illinois.  It's been 5 months since we moved him in to that wonderful place filled with WWII vets.
The nurse reported, "He's doing fine, I don't think he's worrying about anything in the past or the future. He's a sweet man that is living in the present."

LIVING IN THE PRESENT!  Only concerned with the now! Well, that caught my attention.  First of all, I'm VERY grateful that he's doing good,  that he's receiving the careful attention that he needs from trained professionals.  It is extremely comforting to know he is safe, well cared for and making a new life rolling up and down the hallways in his wheelchair visiting with his new friends.

LIVING IN THE PRESENT!  Wow, what a great attribute!  Did it take him 86 years to learn that trait?  Do I know HOW to do that???  Do others that I love? Is it possible to step off the George Jetson mental treadmill and enjoy each moment?

It almost seems like a fantasy life.  Can an intelligent being actually accomplish that?  Is it possible to forgive and forget all that has gone before so that the mention of that hurt no longer brings any pain at all?  Is it possible to look at your children and grandchildren through the lens of our present culture and fragile world and abandon the worry that sneaks into your heart as you wonder how their future will unfold?

If obsessing with the past OR the future were an Olympic Sport most of  us would qualify for the final event.  I talk to  many women in all stages of life and it doesn't take long before tears roll down those sweet cheeks as they relate a terrible wrong from their past or an even bigger fear clouding their future which is stealing their present joy.

We all know it's true that you can't change the past and worrying about the future is a colossal waste of time since most of the stuff we think MIGHT happen NEVER does anyway! We KNOW it, but often don't live it!

I'm thinking that LIVING IN THE PRESENT might involve a whole lot of forgiveness, of ourselves and others, AND abandoning future fears as vain imaginations!  There's way too much time spent on what DID happen or what MAY! Truth be told, we can't do much about either one.

LIVING IN THE PRESENT! We could add years to our lives!  Moments, seconds, minutes, days, weeks and years consumed with worry and fear could be made available instantly to ENJOY.

If we fully engage in the moment we might actually experience meaningful conversations, enjoy the beauty of our surroundings, accomplish our work with joy and purpose, feel deeply and laugh more freely.  If this idea were to go viral the whole US population could get extra hours of deep peaceful  sleep and be able to survive without the myriad of mood altering anti-depressants.

LIVING IN THE PRESENT!  I think I'll practice this for the next ten minutes!  You with me?

Instant forgiveness and joyful abandonment! This is going to take some mental discipline!
I think my elderly uncle has won the gold!  I'd be VERY happy with the silver or bronze, OR just grateful to be in the race.

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