Tuesday, June 14, 2011


What happens at BeBe's house.....get's broadcast to the world!!  

Gabby spent 4 days with us this past week and....well, the pictures tell the tale.  There are nothing but smiles on this precious little ones' face when she's here. (and on ours I might add)  We ADORE this little cutie.  Gabby is FIR here, she used to be FREE but since her birthday she's FIR!   She loves being a GOIL (vs. being a boy) and all that entails.  At BeBe and PaPa's house that means she gets to be "Queen of the World," a powerful position she doesn't have to  share when she comes alone!

Balloon animals from ihop!

Making cookies!

Learning to drive!

 If this is not sheer idolatry, I don't know the definition.  It goes both ways. When Papa is around I'm chopped liver. She's got him wrapped around that tiny black finger.

Riding the Binford 2000

When Gabby is here we BECOME four years old as well. The world as we know it stops turning and we experience a magical land of innocence and imagination.  It's a refreshing place to be! 

10 Puppets

Gabby is one of NINE Braner kids!  We are SO blessed by each wonderful unique personality.  Watching them grow is the finest use of our time.  They have no idea how much they are loved.
"Grandchildren are the reason to have children."  Me
"Grandchildren are the reason parents don't eat their young."  Bumper Sticker

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  1. Yes! My boycott is over! :) I'm so glad y'all had a blast! Thanks again for keeping her! She told stories the whole way home! What a summer highlight for her! Love you!