Friday, June 3, 2011


...the darnest things! Art Linkletter was right! 

One of the most fabulous aspects of  aging is experiencing the joy of  LISTENING!  Our most favorite thing to do is engage our grands in conversation.  It's like starting an engine and then just letting it run.  It just takes a few questions to get it rollin'.  Once kids start telling tales, describing complicated issues, or teaching us about their latest find in the backyard, we just sit back and enjoy!

Sometimes they are self-starters!
 This week's examples:

Honeybuns (Papa to the kids) did a drive-by visit to the Dallas family this week.  He was in Big D for some business meetings and took the opportunity to deliver treats from the local Starbucs.  After a short time together he was off to meet with taller people and Mollie, age 4, looked up at her mommy and summed up the visit.  "Papa is our greatest treasure!"

Meanwhile out in Colorado, Dax, age 6, was overheard praying,  "Thank you God for us, for our planet, for our universe and all the other universes. Thank you for everyone on our planet and Jupiter."

Gabby, age FIR (she was FREE but now she's FIR) also prayed,  "Dear Jesus, Thank you for BeBe, (that's ME!) Gabby, Maggie and Justin Bieber."

Now what could be more fun than this!  Just call me Art!

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