Monday, June 20, 2011


I have several foodies in my life and it's great! I love to watch them!  Foodies are people that enjoy food to the max!  My sister is one, my dear friend in Houston is included, as well as are several distant family members and close-by me  OK friends and I love them dearly.   They talk about,  read about,  compare, buy, chop, braise, broil, grill, bake and puree all kinds of edible delicacies.  There are tons of magazines, books, websites, TV shows, Cruises,  and recipe cards they find to investigate this hobby.  Today there are French foodies, Italian foodies, contests, and apps for the iphone.  There are many high-end, low-end and in-between-end stores that support the cause, as well as whole universities that teach the culinary arts. Let's not even BEGIN to list different types  and qualitites of restaurants!

Whole Foods and Central Market are the temples of food.  I once counted twenty-six different types of red apples at Central Market in Plano, TX.  I went to the grand opening of that store, hoping I would discover the fascination.  The crowd was fun and the atmosphere was exciting but alas, it was just food, after all!

My sister almost faints at the entrance of Sam's.  So much food, many beautiful pans, utensils and spice racks to investigate and life is so short!

So, how is it that I got left out of all the fun?  Same thing with coffee!  People that drink coffee LOVE it, travel far distances to obtain just the right bean, cup and maker.  Although I never learned to drink it, the smell is fabulous,  and I always feel that I'm missing something very precious when I enter Starbucs and NOBODY knows my name.   Hours and hours are spent daily enjoying JOE.  I don't get it, I wish I did!!  It's a culture worth cultivating!

NOW, don't get me wrong. I love to eat!  I could do THAT all day long.  And I'm a fairly good cook. 

 Honeybuns has this unbelievable habit of wanting dinner EVERY NIGHT!  What's with that?  DINNER?  What's wrong with a peanut butter sandwich or a boiled egg?  Cooking is SUCH a daily thing!  Couldn't we just declare a moratorium from it for a week or so?

And so I confess:  I am just as happy with a super plain bologna sandwich as a seven course-served on fine china-cooked to perfection-wine included meal!  There I said it!  I'm not proud of that statement! I'm a freak of nature!  I know NO ONE that sees meals as I do.

You'd think that my apathy for food, food preparation, and food investigation would mean I'm super-model skinney.  Nope, can't go there!

Is there a Twelve Step Program for me?  I WANT to be a FOODIE!

I think I'll go check out the Williams-Sonoma sale.  Yes, that's it, I just need some INSPIRATION!

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