Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The thick green rope is wound tightly. It is attempting to squeeze the life right out of that black metal fence. When I planted those Morning Glory seeds I had no idea of the power that would be unleashed. The picture on the package seemed so innocent.

The flowers are a beautiful purple/blue trumpet-shape that attracts bees and hummingbirds. They flow in the breeze during the morning hours and are a delight to see right outside my bedroom window. I braved the hot sun yesterday afternoon and took a closer look.

The vines of that monster are about 1/2 thick and are wound around all the nearby plants. The lilac bush is choking, the day lilies are bound tight and the fence posts look like they've been painted stripes of green.

How can something so beautiful on the surface be so dangerous underneath?

Reminds me of some of the folks we've seen in the news over the past few years.
Wicked stories of lies, adultery, tax evasion, racism, even murder have been exposed. Lives and reputations that seem so beautiful have been drained of life by those choking deeds done in private. I hope we've learned the lesson that it really DOES matter what we do when no one is watching. Those small little incidental acts of dishonesty and selfishness grow and strangle. Trust is suffocated right out of a relationship.

Redemption is possible, no doubt. But it is painful and recovery takes a long time.

Isn't it just easier to steer clear of such consequences? I've got to be sure those seeds of worry, discontent, selfishness, superiority, inferiority, hatred, racism, greed, entitlement, etc....don't find a place to grow. (I'll be warning my grandchildren about these seeds, too.) I like my glorious life and I want it to thrive.

I don't think I'll be planting Morning Glories next spring.

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  1. Wonderful post! There's an old African saying I heard from a missionary once: "Mosquitoes have drunk more blood than lions." Most of us are SO very aware of "the big sins" or "the bad people" that choke the life from us quickly, and we genraly stay awy from them. But like a frog in a pot, we allow "little indescretions" and "only slightly unsavory company" into our lives to sap us slowly. Thank you for the excellent reminder.