Thursday, July 8, 2010


We thought the whining of the motor would never end. Finally Honeybuns pulled the plug and the whirling can stopped dead. It was finished and the anticipation was great! Last weekend was the first time in years that we'd made home made ice cream. He wiped off the salt water and carefully pulled the paddle out of the metal can. All eyes were upon it.

The first spoonful came out! It was white, creamy with little bits of real vanilla bean mixed in. The race was on to see who could taste it first. There was NO disappointment.

The cold, creamy, summer treat was FABULOUS, STUPENDOUS, EXCEPTIONAL, SUPERB, FIRST-RATE, OUTSTANDING, TERRIFIC, WONDERFUL and nothing short of HEROIC! It was a stand-up, put your hand over your heart and recite the Pledge of Allegiance kind of moment. Our friends were delighted!
Vows were made to NEVER eat store-bought ice cream again. We just couldn't help but compare these very simple pure ingredients coming forth from that silver tin with the chemicals that are sold for "ice cream" in our grocery stores.

Our bowls were filled with frozen heavy cream (lots of it), milk, sugar (lots of it), egg yolks (lots of them:10!) and one long vanilla bean that looks like it was plucked from the tree just last Tuesday.

The phony stuff seems so nasty compared with the original! I suppose that works with friendship, love, kindness, honesty, marriage, speech, relationships of all kinds, promises and gods. Once the real deal is experienced the counterfeit is plainly seen and understood.

Authenticity tastes much better than imitation.

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