Friday, July 2, 2010


It sounded like a good plan! We would get up very early, pull our bikes out of the back of the garage and roll around the neighborhood for about an hour, while it was still cool and very pleasant outside. Honeybuns assured me it would be the BEST time of the day.

I crawled out, boarded my "old lady" bike and we headed off. There in the eastern sky was the largest, orangest, roundest ball I'd ever seen. I was stunned, I'd never seen anything like it before! It was too big to be a hot air balloon, I was mesmerized. Honeybuns informed me it was the SUN, and that is often came up in that same spot...everyday in fact! Sometimes he's just SO smart!!

It WAS a refreshing morning and we biked around the neighborhood streets, up and down the sidewalks, past businesses, and through busy intersections. It seems the rest of the world was also getting up at that ungodly hour and buzzing off to who knows where!

I was just about ready to enjoy the whole process when my front wheel unexpectedly dropped off the sidewalk and onto the grassy strip heading for the busy road. I quickly jerked the handlebars to the right and the wheel got caught in that "ditch" between green and concrete. The bike stopped but I didn't. Cars continued to whiz by my head as I lay on the ground bottom up. I thought I'd died and when I discovered I was still living I wished I HAD died. Every molecule of my being hurt. There was a big gash on my leg, blood was pouring down into my shoe, sweat was running down my face and I was sure I was going to throw up and then faint. It was another one of those near death experiences!!

I could see Honeybuns about a block ahead of me still pedaling. Finally he turned around to see if I was catching up and realized my dilemma. After a few moments of outrageous laughter he came to his senses and rode back to take my pulse! Trying to look sympathetic and nurturing is not easy for him. He leaned on his bike and waited for me to stop crying and to start breathing normally again with offers of "shall I go get the car for you?" I didn't need a car, I needed an ambulance or at least a cute paramedic.

We checked the bike to see if it was totaled, but alas, it still worked good enough to get it home, slowly, very slowly! I walked it. A few weeks later my body was as good as new!

I'm still searching for that fun physical activity that will strengthen a healthy heart, trim my body and jump-start the brain cells. I've been told that such a sport exists!

I'm not convinced. I think I'll pour a glass of tea and go watch the sun SET!

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