Wednesday, June 2, 2010


It's a Cadillac farm! Yep, just a few miles west of Amarillo, Texas is the location of this amazing treat for the eyeballs. Ten old Cadillacs are buried to half chassis in the dirt edging a wheat field right along the interstate highway. They are lined up like mysterious dominoes.

I wondered to myself if Cadillac seeds had been planted and this was the result. Our granddaughter thought someone had planted bumpers and then watered them carefully.

We happened upon this amazing sight last weekend on a road trip through that barren land. We pulled off the highway to get a closer look. Crowds had gathered with each person peering silently, at first stunned and then laughing with unbelief. The first question that came to every mind was undoubtedly, "Why?" Why would anyone spend time, energy and good money on such a project.

Thrown about the area were piles of colorful used up spray paint cans. It seems that the art work was a "work in progress" also, as onlookers became participants. One friendly woman handed me a can of paint with the suggestion, "go for it", it's fun!" So I initialed the side door of car #4.

Surely it's an art project designed as a joke. The creator must have had a great time with his friends when he first suggested such an exhibition. After the idea came the work itself of burying 10 old Cadillacs. Did he use a backhoe to dig those half-graves? Did one of those big car-carrier-trucks haul them into that field? Who helped? Was this a daylight project? Did he know that spectators would cover these prized autos with colorful graffiti? Who picks up the pile of empty spray paint cans?

Will generations to come look back on this as one of those Stonehenge mysteries, or perhaps tie it to crop circles?

There is no admission fee, no security system, no formal labels or museum docents in soft-souled shoes, just an old dirt road leading into a wheat field. This is truly art in the raw! There is no way that this artist would ever be considered as being too serious!

Perhaps that it's purpose! Comic relief. We surely need a little of that these days.
For a brief 15 minutes all concerns evaporated, highway boredom ceased and the strangers gathered smiled at each other. Imagine that!

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