Sunday, June 20, 2010


Jerry Lee received a HORSE for Christmas! And the end of that story was that he ended up in the slammer!

Although all children dream of getting a horse for Christmas I never actually knew anyone that did.

This child was no longer a child but in his teenage years. He was the grandson of my Granny's sister, so I guess that made us second cousins. I only saw him a couple of times in my young life before we all grew up and went our separate ways. No one ever talked about just "why" he was living with his grandparents, but as I overheard whispered conversations I came to the conclusion that something highly unusual had taken place and therefore he was being raised by his grandparents.

Aune Rene (pronounced Reenie) and Uncle Henry were absolutely delightful and the announcement that we were going on that hour car ride to visit them sent thrills into my heart. She was a little plump, just like Granny, and he was as skinny as a bean pole. They reminded me of the old rhyme about Jack Sprat and his lovely bride.
(Remember: Jack Sprat could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean....So, between them both they licked the platter clean.)

During those rare but exciting visits Jerry Lee was often out and about. After all, it was the 60's and most teenagers didn't hang around the house waiting to be entertained by a couple of sissified young distant cousins. In his absence the conversation always focused on him. It seems his wild and rebellious ways were always the source of dismay for his grandparents that loved him dearly. They struggled.

He was no doubt indulged in all they could possibly afford as they tried to parent, grandparent, befriend and love. I'm sure that's why the horse appeared at Christmastime. Perhaps they felt that such a gift would help develop a sense of responsibility and a little gratitude.

Jerry Lee promptly mounted that beautiful beast, rode down the street and robbed the local bank. He didn't get too far when apprehended and as they say the rest is history.

As sad as this whole scenario must have been for his grandparents, it became another point of instant laughter at our house. One liners grew funnier over the years each time the story was re-told. We always wondered why they would buy a horse that couldn't out-run the local small town keystone cops. The whole thing presented such a mental visual that I remember the details to this day!

You just never know what a teen-ager might do with a horse.

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