Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Today was SUPERHERO day at the Broken Arrow library! Our local storyteller is fabulous and a heroine herself. Her emphasis today reminded me of this picture. Now there's a threesome for you. Tiki, Dax, and Gabby were playing when their mommy snapped this picture. There for a short time Superman, Batman and Spider-girl reigned in that household, initiated world peace and maybe even snagged a cookie.

I suppose our first superhero is always our own Dads. Then as the years pass we realize that those big shoes are filled with human beings. It's a rite of passage to come to such knowledge. Then there are those good teachers, principals, first loves, public figures, firemen, policemen, pastors, grown sons, etc....the list could go on. But it doesn't take long to realize that none of those important people can leap tall buildings, fly faster than a speeding bullet, or cast a web that holds the weight of an adult male. In fact, it is a real disservice to them to apply such pressure.

Now having said that, I must admit that when my world starts to cave in my human being heroes always step up to the plate. Honeybuns is equipped with a supernatural talent to assess the situation and quickly come up with a solution or at least a plan of action. I trust him completely. In difficult times I also send out an SOS via e-mail to Andy and Philip. It goes like this, "I need to say something, give me a call!" I don't do that very often but when I do, their response is immediate. They listen intently and always share a point of view that I'd never considered. Following them is my brother-in-law who is the funniest man alive and always puts things into perspective. Other family members, my daughters-in-law, and good long-time friends are on my list, too. I could go on and on.

My heroes are folks of integrity, honesty and wisdom. They value truth and call evil out when it raises it's ugly head, even when it's within me. They are kind and have my best interests at heart.

I fear for those who put their trust in Hollywood myths, psycho-babbling authors, and phony baloney experts who are interested only in lining their own pockets. (I can call out evil, too!) I'm sad for naive teenagers who by-pass their parents and look to their peers for help, or worse yet rock stars, immoral sports figures, or the drug dealer on the corner.

Heroes ARE out there, sometimes as close as our own backyard, or as in the case of this picture, right there in our very own living room!

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