Thursday, January 16, 2014


If that UPS man gets to know me any better, I'm going to have to put him on my Christmas Card List!
Our on-going, ever deepening "friendship" began a few months ago.

A package had been delivered to our house while we were out of town.  Our wonderful neighbor signed for the thing and held it safely in her home until we got back.  When we picked up the mail, old newspapers and boxes delivered I noticed that one box had the right address on it, but alas not the correct name.  How does that happen????

Well, I called the UPS people  and assured them that yes, indeedy, no one by that named lived here! They promised they would send a truck out the next day to pick it up and get it back to it's rightful owner, wherever that might be.

No problem.....

BUT...that very day I came down with an awful cold,  fever, upper respiratory ailment.  I promptly took some meds, donned my "flannel nightie saved for sickness," jumped in the bed and covered my head with a pillow and a promise to NOT come out until morning. Misery had settled into every part of my being. Every molecule of my body was in agony.  My hair stood straight up and my eyes glazed over.

After several hours of facing death itself, the doorbell rang!

In unbelief I finally dragged myself to the window and sure enough, the familiar brown truck was parked in the street. Those efficient people were coming after that box, a DAY EARLY.

The doorbell rang again.  I had to answer it and get rid of that pesky package. I threw on my very roomy, very fuzzy full length CHEETAH robe and half-crawled to the front door.

I opened the door!  There stood the guy in the brown uniform.  He had a shocked look on his face as if he'd seen something or someone from the "other side."

Only then did I realize that I was the source of fright! I'm sure he didn't know WHAT  creature was standing in front of him.  An animal escaped from the circus perhaps? A cheetah on the loose from the safari exhibition down the road? Big foot? An audition for National Geographic?

 I threw the box at him and croaked, "I'm in the bed sick, you weren't supposed to come until tomorrow."

He was speechless.  If he'd stayed a minute or two longer I'm sure he would have gone away blinded.

The whole embarrassing ordeal lasted only a few minutes.  I crawled back to bed thinking that I was one lucky women for I was positive I'd NEVER SEE him again.  Chalk that one up to a terrible moment and try to forget about it.

YES, FORGOTTEN!  UNTIL.....a few weeks later another package arrived. (I shop online!)

I answered the door and was greeted by a cheery "Hello, glad to see you're feeling better."

WHAT?  The same UPS man came back???

Well, at least that day I had my underwear ON and that cheetah robe OFF!

Since we were first "introduced" my UPS  man has been here several times, ALWAYS INQUIRING about my health......and ALWAYS with a silly grin on his face.

I've learned something from this ordeal.....UPS men NEVER FORGET!

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  1. Bahahahaha!
    Our front door has a window without a blind or covering. We too order online. The UPS man has taken to waving at me through the window, all the while I watch tv in the family room. It's dark outside. And D is out of town. Gave me a fright the first time it happened, but now we wave hello even while I'm out for a walk in the neighborhood. Brown. They got it all!