Saturday, February 9, 2013


These beauties are confused!  It's still winter!!!

In fact, the Northeast portion of the US is COVERED with a ton of snow this morning!

So, what's this guy thinking????

Our warm OK days have tricked this daffodil into thinking it's HIS/HER time to shine!

Every yellow bloom a sign of hope!  It happens every spring.  Just when you think summer will never come one of these babies pops it head out of the dirt.  Maybe sunny days are NOT immediate, BUT they WILL arrive eventually.

Maybe our friends buried by snow today will remember and be encouraged, "the sun WILL come up, tomorrow."
That snow will melt and flowers will bloom for them again as well.  (Meanwhile I'm praying their power is restored, they are safe and warm and sipping hot chocolate.)

One of my favorite phrases (and I have many!) is "this too shall pass."

How many times have I whined and moaned about a situation only to finally realize that one day the "crisis" will be just a dim memory! Now, if I could remember that BEFORE the whining starts, everybody would be happier!

It's the daffodil theory!  Maybe I'll try to practice it for a few hours.  After all, WE'RE not scooping ANYTHING today, our house has not been washed away by a hurricane, everybody is healthy at the moment, jobs are intact, we have family and friends to love and be loved by, and the pantry is stocked.

Yes, daffodils remind me to be grateful.

Honeybuns will be delighted!

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