Sunday, December 11, 2011


What do you do when GRANDMA misbehaves???

I'm writing it all down, just the way it happened!  Let's call it my "Statement," that's the word they use on the detective shows!

The date in question was last Friday night.  We'd returned home from a church Christmas party about 11 p.m. It was a fabulous time and Honeybuns and I were in a festive mood.  I checked my iPad to see if anything new had occurred while I was enjoying the celebration.

I learned that while we were partying the Colorado kids had been trying to FACETIME me on my iPad.  I was SO disappointed that I'd missed seeing their smiling, laughing faces and talking to them.

SO, I immediately hit the magic button that instantaneously connects us.  After a few short rings I expected to see a grandchild's face appear on my screen.   The message read, "connecting.!"  I was SO excited.  When the screen remained dark I spoke into it.

"Hays! (age 13)  Is that you, I can't see your face,  the screen is totally black."

"Yes BeBe, but I'm in my room in the dark, whispering,  I'm supposed to be in bed sleeping!"

"O.K.  let's factime tomorrow, luv you, good night!"

"I love you, BeBe, we'll talk tomorrow!"

THEN I noticed the time.  It was 11:30 in Oklahoma, which meant it was 10:30 in Colorado. What WAS that boy  (age 13) doing with his iPad in the bed with him at that hour!   Honeybuns replied, "talking to YOU,   you should not have called this late."  Yep, no doubt about that.

I was made aware of what happened on the other end of that connection the next morning!  Because Hays is forbidden to be on his ipad at bedtime, because it makes a little noise when he and I connect, and because MOMMY was coming in the room just as he turned it off, WE WERE BUSTED!  The iPad was confiscated and WE were GROUNDED! 

I believe Mommy's exact words to me were, "What am I going to do with the two of you?"

That's the truth, the whole truth and nuttin' but the truth!   

I've since repented, apologized to Hays and his Mommy for getting him into trouble!

Now, if this goes any farther, I'm going to demand a jury of my peers!  12 Granny's will show me mercy, I have no doubt!

However the verdict comes down,  I'm comforted because, YOU CAN'T SPANK GRANDMA!

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