Tuesday, December 20, 2011


When your grown children live far away from the nest and have several young children, the ONLY practical thing to do for Christmas is for this BeBe and PaPA to go to them (while we're still able!)  This past weekend was designated the Colorado Christmas and it was wonderful!

We arrived in Durango Thursday and settled right in to Andy and Jamie's beautiful Colorado Mountain Home!  They moved this summer and did extensive redecorating so it was the first time we'd seen the finished product!  Jamie is  gifted with a great sense of style and color, their home is stunning.  They have THE perfect setting for a Colorado Christmas!

The good times began to roll the minute we  squeezed Gabby and waited for the big kids to come home from school.  The whole weekend was filled with joy for us.   Grandparents have the option of enjoying children without stress, having NO responsibilities to train, discipline or worry.  It's all about the present!  And each child and  grandchild is a PRESENT to us! 

Games, gifts, sledding, bowling, eating, church, reading stories, etc....all elements of the best time of the year! 

"God so loved the world, He GAVE"  Giving to and receiving joy from those we love is in reality  WORSHIP of HIM who gave the very best gift of all.    Immanuel, God with us!

Jamie tolerating Andy!


BeBe and the Twins

Gabby and her twin babies!

Lesly Forrest and Papa

Maggie learning to sew!

BeBe, get out of my way or I'll squish you like a bug.
BeBe's upside down!

Hays's spy plane gives a new definition to privacy!

We are so Blessed!


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