Thursday, June 26, 2014


A few days ago I was taking the shortcut through the country to a major highway on my way to Springdale, AR to visit my friend there.

It's a lovely drive, no traffic at all!  There are pastures and cows and horses and country homes along the way.

Nothing out of the ordinary!

UNTIL... I noticed an unlikely friendship as I watched two buddies taking a morning stroll down a dusty lane.

It was unbelievable.

Trotting together was a huge black lab AND a huge very pink PIG! (They looked just like these pictures.)  I could tell by their easy gate that this was not the first time they'd been thrown together. They obviously have accepted each other and their differences. There was no fear, no aggravation, no judgments. I'm sure they have spent much time together since being a puppy and a piglet. Maybe they were headed to breakfast, maybe a shade tree to take a nap.

 I could not stop watching and SMILING!  What a delightful sight!

A dog and a pig! 

Who says it can't be done?  Two totally unlikely personalities walking through life together.

Two titles used in very negatives ways by some humans on this planet.

A dog??  A pig?? Have you heard people referred to by such names?  And others just as cruel and hateful.  Sure you have!

Because we recently returned from a Middle Eastern trip, and because we live in a country that is very racially, politically and economically divided, we are very aware of the titles, the anger and the hatred of people when referring to others that are not like them.  Perhaps there is a religious difference, a cultural difference, a skin color difference, an educational divide, or a economic span that breeds distrust.  Those things are real and deep and I'm not minimizing any of it. Sometimes the divide has been years in the making. (Remember the Hatfields and the McCoys!)'s refreshing to watch those in the animal kingdom get it right.  That black lab and that pink pig KNEW each other.  They grew up together, they are used to doing life together. They are comfortable with each other and even enjoy one another's company. The relationship is just....well, easy!

Isn't it amazing that once we get to really KNOW each other, all those differences are changed into delightful characteristics to celebrate.

The dog and the pig have proven it can be done!

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