Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Many years have passed since the days of hiding out in the cellar during a wind storm.

  My hair is not long enough for a ponytail, my grandpa is no longer with us, and my sister is a great grandmother. I have a husband, children and grandchildren that I adore and life is good. The old root cellar has long since been filled in with dirt, mushrooms are no longer found on it's grassy roof.

Dangers other than wind still lurk around every corner of adulthood,  sometimes very real but often simply imagined. At this stage of my life it seems that the danger of worry is the most worrisome danger of all.

Perhaps it comes with "maturity," maybe certain personalities have that propensity, maybe life's tragedies that some families experience bring about a depth of cynicism and realization that bad things happening really IS a possibility.

Worry is a state of mind that I must avoid at all costs.  It robs me of my health and joy and is NEVER  productive.  It is like taking a trip in a rocking chair, never getting anywhere but going through the motions. Avoiding this mind-trap takes many "self-talks," of reminding myself that I can only deal with facts, not "what-ifs."

Tragedy, death, illnesses, financial challenges, relationship problems most definitely drive me to my knees and I'm certain that is the best place to be during those times. Strength and solutions for known facts are always found there! (Positive thinking is a placebo, prayer is the real deal!)

FACTS are manageable, IMAGINATION is a wild fire.

Worry is a type of fear! It is my minds projection of the future!  And WHO can see into that???

I'm reminded that worry is the product of doubt in our Loving God who knits everything together for good for those that love Him.

I'm ditching fearful worry today and enjoying this moment of peace.  I'll let God take care of tomorrow. (What made me think I could control the future anyway?)

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