Thursday, April 24, 2014

FAMILY MATCH GAME - 2014 Edition

We love playing  "MATCH" game with the grand kids.  Over the years there have been many variations of this simple test of memory.

 Gabby had a Princess Match Game a few years ago, we've seen animals, candy, super heroes,  etc....all kinds of things to embarrass the grown ups as the little ones "smoke 'em" at this memory thing! 

Since our family is scattered out in three states and I needed a "creative" project this week, I decided to make a BRANER FAMILY MATCH GAME to play with whatever grand we see next.  The purpose is to help family members stay in touch "visibly" with those they don't see very often because of distance, schedules, and time constraints. took a while, BUT, I edited and printed pictures to fit 2.5 x 3.5 card stock I found at the local craft store.  Two pictures of each family member were clued onto those cards. 30 cards total!  I then clued those cards onto some blue and white striped wrapping paper, making sure the stripes on the back were all going in the same direction.

The people at Staples Office Supply store laminated each one and cut them so each one had a tiny plastic border.  I insisted they all be the exact same size, no cheating in the match game you know.  IF one card was "off" it could be identified easier and be a help to the cheating, competitive spirit of the grandchild that is determined to WIN!!!!

AND we take winning a "Match Game" very seriously.  AND we (the grandparents) ALWAYS lose!

If this game is a success, and I believe it will be, I may expand to past generations!  I could add a great grandmother, a cousin twice removed, or an uncle that no one has ever heard of or met. I have some really funny old time pictures the kids would enjoy, great grandpas car, a group of women dressed as flappers, and an aunt in her first pedal car.  Perhaps I could include past pets!!  Yes, this thing could grow!!!

What a super way to pass on the family legacy, we may have the opportunity to tell some wild stories  to grandchildren ABOUT THEIR parents. That would be a fun addition!

Yes, I can see the "rules" of the Family Match Game expanding!  There is NO end to where this could go as we learn about each other!

 Yep, this is going to the family reunion this summer!

Feel free to copy my idea!!!  ENJOY!

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