Saturday, May 4, 2013

IRIS - 2013

The beginning of the tall, bearded  IRIS season!
My favorite flower is shouting GLORY all over my back yard. The colors are unbelievable, the size enormous, the smell delious! Our collection is extensive and exquisite! (This is one of the easiest flowers to grow!)

Because of a threatened freeze this past week, I brought some inside and proclaimed the dining room as the "iris exhibit area."  Honeybuns and I voted and declared the black ones in the front row BEST OF SHOW.

 Now that the freeze is past there are MORE ready to appear.  More colors, more blooms, an even more outstanding display of God's creativity!

Visitors are welcome, drive-by's encouraged.  (No outside entries will be received, our house already looks and smells like a florists!)

Votes for favorites will be counted!   

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