Tuesday, January 15, 2013


This past week was BOOK CLUB week again!  No doubt I've written about this group before but I've got to say it one more time, the members are the most fabulous women I know. There are a dozen of us now and we are known as the Ridge Readers. We have been together 6 years and we all live in this neighborhood. We have a reputation around town as being the most fun group alive. Word gets out at the local hair salon and various community gatherings!

 (When you're past 60 and we all are.....ANYTHING GOES! And no one remembers, so every day, every meeting is a BRAND NEW experience.)

Each member takes a turn at choosing a book, hosting the meeting and leading the discussion.  12 ladies, 12 months = works out perfectly!  We spend a couple of hours discussing and laughing and end up at a local restaurant for lunch together.  Second Friday is a sacred day on the calendar!

This could be the most diverse group I've ever joined and loved.  The women are from various states, political persuasions, a couple have lived overseas for a time, some have children and grandchildren, one is a PhD, golfers, chefs, a public speaker, a professional counselor, a realtor and each one a community volunteer! The dynamics should NOT work, and yet they do, beautifully! There is much respect for one another and a zest for life unmatched! I adore them all!

The book this month was "The Pull of the Moon" and it pulled everybody over to Dianne's lovely home for the gathering.  The story is about a woman "feeling old" and her daring "run away" trip to
"find herself."

Well, you can only imagine the personal stories that one prompted!  We commiserated about ageing, sagging skin, loss of memory, face lifts, life's purpose and declining mental abilities that the heroine bemoaned. Each story topped the previous one!  Most threatened to run away at one time or another to escape pressures of marriage, parenting and life in general, but never did! We asked each other, "Why not?"

It was great!  The one-liners flew and the laughter became hilarious, approaching riotous.  The fear of "crying down the leg" entered more than one mind, I'm sure!

One comment stuck in my brain.  One brilliant member made the observation, "When women get old, they become invisible, you know."  I've been thinking about that.  It's probably true, because in America youth is idolized,  fantasized and nearly canonized.  The business and entertainment industries certainly put the elderly "out to pasture" after a certain age. And our fast-paced culture doesn't have much time to slow down and listen to the voice of experience that comes only with age. Part of being young means thinking you have all the answers, you know!  (Been there, done that!)

What a shame!

I doubt that I'll even realize it when I become "invisible" to people around me.  I plan to be very busy squeezing every ounce of life out of every minute that I probably won't even notice.

BUT.....my BOOK CLUB BUDDIES?  No way!

These gals are FULL of life, fun, wisdom,  practicality, generosity, love and grace. AND STORIES!  I can't imagine any one of them being neglected, ignored or dismissed...EVER! How foolish!

 They will never become invisible to ME. I will NOT miss the opportunity of knowing and being known by them  - for a long time to come. The experience is rare ......AND priceless!

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