Monday, October 3, 2011


I'M   ADDICTED!   The ipad2 came into my life on my birthday. I am SO thankful to it's inventor. 

It has a camera and a ringer, which means that every once in a while it RINGS, the CAMERA comes on automatically and right there in front of my eyes  in real time is the face of one of the Colorado Braner kids.  Talk about FABULOUS!    It's such a fun time!

I recommend this technology to every Grandma that lives farther than 20 miles away from the heartbeat of her life! 

Gabby calls me  on her mommy's ipad2 to show me her newest hairdo.  Hays allows me to sit-in on his guitar practice.  Dax does a dance or two, Tiki grins and tells me about school and Maggie tells me she loves me!  We make faces, tell jokes and can sing a duet if we want. Wow!  I live in a wonderful time in history.

IF you have a grandchild do everything in your power to get to BEST BUY ....TODAY and purchase on of these lifelines to childhood innocence. (Take a lot of money with you because you'll need to buy one for the faraway children as well, consider it a relationship investment or a wellness program!  My heart is happier now!)

 This little computer is velcroed to my body....just in case a grandchild has something to share!

Now this little gadget also does other things as well.   I can check e-mail, Facebook, play angry birds, google anything, read books, locate myself when I'm lost, waste hours on Pininterest, or listen to the Beatles! 

Surely there is a 12 step program for me!  Nope,  no way am I going cold turkey!  I love the CO Fab5 too much to enter into therapy!
I wear this addiction proudly!

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